The BitThunder toolchain, BTDK (BitThunder Development Kit) is now available on Github.

NEWS: BTDK for Windows available imminently.

I’ll be looking at getting the build environment and toolchain working on Apple’s OSX very shortly.

Quick Build Instructions

~ $ git clone
~ $ git submodule update --init
# Modify Makefile variables to suit.
~ $ make -j32

Supported targets

BTDK currently supports the following targets:

arm-eabi-bt         # The kernel mode compiler for ARM.
arm-eabi-bitthunder # The user-mode compiler for ARM.

Makefile variables.

PREFIX - Default is /opt/btdk

Using BTDK

To use the BTDK when building BitThunder, simply set the toolchain prefix under the build-system configuration:

make menuconfig

Under Build System set toolchain-prefix to:

# For kernel mode applications:

# For usermode applications:


I’m just preparing an installer for the Windows BTDK release. I’ll be providing the latest user-space and kernel-mode compilers. I shall also provide a vanilla compiler for those who want to do bare-metal programming.