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  • Building GCC / GNU Toolchain for Windows

    I’ve been trying to sucessfully compile GCC for Windows to allow me to maintain a Windows version of the BTDK (BitThunder development kit). Well the documentation on the internet describing how to do this is thin and far between. The good news is that I’ve finally managed to create one.

  • New release and Full process Isolation

    So its a little while since I last blogged about bitthunder, and there’s been a lot of huge changes and improvements. Most importantly, v0.8.0 (2-acetoxybezoic acid) [for the non-chemists thats Aspirin] has been released, bringing full process isolation and a proper virtual memory manager. The release also replaces the original page allocator with a much faster and more simple implementation.

  • Memory Management and Virtual Memory Support

    Today, BitThunder officially became a “real” operating system. I now managed to add basic MMU (memory management unit) support. Its not, and never will be a requirement of course, but for those projects that can support this you’ll get a lot!

  • Kernel Shell

    One of the first tasks for BitThunder was to replace U-Boot on the Xilinx Zynq platform. We have a requirement to provide the fastest possible boot experience which we just couldn’t achieve with U-Boot.

  • Network Integration

    We’ve completed initial work on our full-featured TCP/IP stack integration’s, and its the first API level feature which expresses itself with complete POSIX compliance.

  • SD-Card Protocol

    One of the early goals of BitThunder was to be able to replace U-Boot by loading a Linux kernel from an SD-card. Unfortunately documentation and examples are a little, well sparse. So I’ve decided to write a blog post which describes the protocol, and how the BitThunder sd-card subsystem works.

  • BitThunder Blog

    This is the start of the BitThunder blog, we’ll occasionally blog about technical challenges that we’ve encountered.

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